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Our products have been recognized for thirty years in the italian and international market thanks to our unique style and offer. Bags, sleeves, cases, covers and accessories represent our research for quality, design and protection.

Corporate department

It is our division for the companies that designs and provides custom made products We work to find the perfect solution with shapes, colors and quality customizations that aim to transform our product in a product for everybody. Innovation is the foundation to everything we do and design so that our projects not only are unique but conceived with a free approach with no limits.

Our clients

In a era where the best ideas are the ones in motion we believe the client is the focal point of our business and we work hard to offer the best option. We like to think that our products and our projects are perceived as a result of spontaneous idea as well as a rigorous study of the client need.

Our solutions

Catalog and customization

The whole Tucano selection can be customized with the client logo. Bags, backpacks, covers, smartphone and tablet covers, and specific accessories for iPhone and iPad can be customized with different mehods of application. The recent introduction of the travel catalogue was just added to the offer, awarding our corporate department with a peculiarity that is extremely competitive in Italy.

Exclusive projects

The developement of customized products, supported entirely by our expert team, is the result of a process that starts with the prototype and ends up with the final product. The tech charachteristics, the research of quality materials and particular colors grant the exclusivity and originality.

Events and conventions

Our distinctive designs, the undisputed quality ,the speed of realization and the attention we put into conventions, events or exhibitions, allowed us to create an extraordinary work system requested by the best italian and international brands.

The ‘’Know How’’

We often ask ourselves how our knowledge and experience can really have satisfy our clients and we decided to dedicate an open space for them to evaluate our work and give us precious feedbacks.

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